Georgetown Animal Outreach
About Our Dogs
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Though the situation varies with each dog, they are

  • spayed or neutered

  • up-to-date on vaccinations

  • on monthly heartworm preventative (unless
    we rescued them when they were heartworm
    positive, in which case they are undergoing

Adoption Process:

In order to adopt a dog, go to the "apply to adopt"
page and fill out the application.

We will be in touch within 24-48 hours.

Adoption fees are: $95 for adult dogs; $150 for
puppies under 6 months; $50 for certain special
needs or senior dogs.


Step One: Fill out the application, indicating which
dog/dogs you might be interested in adopting

Step Two: We will be in touch quickly, please
understand that we are all volunteers with other full-
time jobs, but we do our best

Step Three: If your situation seems to be a good fit
for the dog in whom you're interested, we'll set-up a
home visit

Step Four: Home Visit -- this is a chance for us
come to your home and discuss the best fit
between your lifestyle and the dog/s you might be
interested in adopting

Step Five: Meet the dog! And decide if this is a
good match for you and for the dog.

Some dogs are best as "only dogs"

Other dogs might not be good in homes with cats

It is difficult for many dogs to enter a home with
children under 5 years of age (we rarely, if ever,
adopt puppies to homes with children under 3
years of age because the puppy could quickly
outgrow the child and be too "puppy rough" with
the toddler)

Remember that you are the one adopting this dog
and hopefully they will live with you for years to

When you adopt a dog from us, you agree NEVER
to transfer that dog to another owner and NEVER
to turn that dog into a shelter or animal control

We agree to do everything we can to help you if
you are having issues keeping the GAO dog.  And
we agree to always take that dog back into our
care rather than have the dog go to a shelter or
animal control facility.

We are an all-volunteer organization and do our
best to follow through completely. We must reserve
the right to select the best home for each dog. If
homes are equally good, we need to go with the
first application received.